Put Your Smile Forward with an Inman Aligner

Published: 23rd October 2009
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There are several new tools that dentists are applying for better and straighter teeth. One of the options that are currently available is the Inman aligner. For those that are looking for a new straightening method that doesn't require metal from braces is the ability to benefit from this particular tool. Understanding how this device works and deciding whether it is the best fit for your smile is the first step toward a straighter look.

The Inman aligner system is one of the newer dental applications being used on the market. While it is similar to braces, it takes out some of the practical problems that come with traditional straightening methods. This particular tool is able to help with targeting specific teeth or the entire alignment of the mouth. There is also the ability to use this tool more flexibly, similar to a retainer. This means you can take the aligner in and out of your mouth as needed, allowing your teeth to only have pressure applied when needed. With this option, you will easily be able to re-align your teeth without the pain that comes from braces.

The Inman aligner system works first by covering the teeth, similar to a retainer. These are usually invisible to the eyes so you don't have to worry about the looks that come with braces. Through a short period of time, the aligner will work to adjust your teeth so they are completely straightened. Typically, dentists will start with aligning crooked teeth that are in the front area of the mouth. For others who have problems such as gaps, crowding, under bite and overbite can be solved. This is often combined with porcelain veneers to get better results.

When the Inman aligner is placed on your teeth, it will work similar to a covering. This is combined with a coiled spring that is designed to place pressure on your teeth. As this is done, it will slowly move it into the right direction so it can begin to straighten. This is combined with a bar that is placed in the front of the teeth and which squeezes the teeth as well. This can help to straighten out specific teeth as well as the overall positioning of your mouth through a short period of time.

If you are interested in a simplistic solution for straighter teeth, then considering the Inman aligner is one of the best options. This newer piece of technology is allowing adults to have an aesthetic look for braces while getting rid of gaps, overbite or teeth that are not straightened. You can find an Inman aligner St Albans by looking into a variety of areas that are able to provide the right approach to cosmetic teeth while helping you gain a healthy smile.

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